Mrs. Julianne Hartman

Mrs. Julianne Hartman of Evans with her new 5 ton 15 SEER 2 stage gas pack that also has a variable speed blower plus $400 in rebates. Thank you Mrs. Hartman

Mrs Thomson

Mrs Thomson of Clearwater, SC with her new 15 SEER gas pack that has a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor.

Mr. Kim

Mr. Kim with his new 15 Seer two stage gas pack.

Mrs. Debra Ussery

This is Mrs. Debra Ussery with her new Rheem gas pack heating and cooling system. Mrs Ussery is the widow who had no heat, is taking care of her daughter who is under going cancer treatment and had to use all of her savings to be able to pay medical bills.

Mr and Mrs Lippe

Mr and Mrs Jeff Lippe in Evans, GA invested in new heating and cooling system. His old system was 1 ton under sized.