Augusta, GA Indoor Air Quality Services

Advanced Air Technology is dedicated to helping you improve your indoor air quality. If you are concerned about the quality of air in your home or office, let one of our experienced certified technicians help. We have a variety of solutions to eliminate dangerous particles that come from your HVAC systems.

“Let Advanced Air Technology help eliminate the pollutants in your air that aggravate your allergies and asthma.”

The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has rated poor indoor air quality as one of their top health concerns. The quality of the air in your home or office is crucial to keeping your home and work environment free of particles that can irritate allergies and other breathing difficulties. When it comes to preserving your health, Advanced Air Technology will help ensure that you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe.

Concerned about your air quality? We have many solutions that can help you.


Single touch control with mobile access or a simple budget thermostat, we have all the options to meet your home’s comfort needs.

Home Zoning

Get rid of hot or cold spots in your home with individual heating and air control. We are experts in setting up Home Zoning in Augusta.

Communicating Technology

Smarter, more efficient and more powerful than non-communicating systems. It redefines comfort as we know it.

Residential Air Balancing

Air balancing is a process that involves modifying your existing HVAC system to get the air evenly distributed throughout the home.

UV Germicidal Lamp

Mold & bacteria can grow on AC coils during normal use. UV Germicidal Lamps kill the bacteria and other germs that live in your AC and heating system.

Air Cleaners And Purifiers

Do you suffer from allergies, asthma, hay fever or other breathing difficulties, We can help you with that.

Steam Humidification

Whole house or portable humidifiers work with the home furnace to distribute moisture efficiently to all living areas.


Remove humidity when your AC doesn’t. On hot summer days, it continues removing humidity while your AC is between cycles.

Fast Reliable SERVICE

We are always on call at any time to handle your HVAC emergency needs.