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Communicating Control Systems are more than a fancy Thermostat.

The standard air conditioning control system uses simple off or on technology. The controls work something like a light switch – when the switch is on, the light operates, when it is off the light is off. Thermostats are basically switches that are controlled by temperature. The newer thermostats can handle multiple HVAC controls, but needs a separate control wire for each function. Some split system heat pumps require 12 control wires running between the indoor and outdoor section. Even with twelve wires, the range of control is still somewhat limited.

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How does Communicating Control Systems work?

  • When communicating equipment is installed, the thermostat searches for the components in similar fashion to how your smartphone searches for a Bluetooth speaker you want it to pair with
  • Once the thermostat and components are paired, the components communicate to the thermostat what their capabilities are in terms of heating and cooling capacity and, for blower motors, how much air they can move through the system, which allows the thermostat to set up optimal performance
  • Each component has an electronic address, so the thermostat knows where the data is coming from and can send data back to that component to control its operation
  • A computerized serial network allows each component to send ongoing performance data that refines performance
  • Indoor and outdoor sensors allow the thermostat control to determine and communicate exactly how much heating or cooling, dehumidification or humidification and air flow are required to keep the home optimally comfortable

Are you interested in the new Communication Technology Systems?

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Communicating HVAC System Pros:

  • The highest efficiency ratings and lowest operating costs of any type system
  • Modulating heating cooling and blower speed to precisely balance temperatures
  • Lower noise levels due to system components running at less than maximum capacity
  • The best dehumidification when air conditioning
  • Optimized comfort control in standard and zoned systems
  • Data exchanged between components allows the system to diagnose issues and alert technicians for tuning the system for best performance providing maintenance and making repairs
  • Notifications alert homeowners to the need for minor maintenance such as changing an air filter or cleaning a condenser,

Communicating HVAC System Cons:

  • Communicating equipment is significantly more expensive than non-communicating equipment
  • Some communicating systems from all brands tend to stop communicating, and getting them to communicate again can be difficult
  • Repairs to communicating equipment are much costlier
  • Many technicians do not have experience installing and setting up communicating HVAC technology

Communicating Technology is just one part of improving your Air Quality

From complete home zoning systems to a single touch control with mobile access or a budget thermostat, we have all the options to meet your home’s comfort needs. However, there is more to obtaining the best Air Quality in your home or office. We are experts in providing all the services and equipment to get your heating and air systems performing at their peak performance. From Thermostats, Home Zoning Planning, Communicating Technology to Residential Air Balancing, we are prepared to get your home or office updated to the latest technology and procedures.

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Single touch control with mobile access or a simple budget thermostat, we have all the options to meet your home’s comfort needs.

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Smarter, more efficient and more powerful than non-communicating systems. It redefines comfort as we know it.

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Mold & bacteria can grow on AC coils during normal use. UV Germicidal Lamps kill the bacteria and other germs that live in your AC and heating system.

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